On the banks of the Arc river, near the Sainte Victoire Mountain and very close to the city center of Aix-en-Provence, the Bastide du Roy René incites its guests to take full advantage of the region.

Nature — At the heart of this beautiful Bastide, guests may relax under the shade of centenary plane trees or to the gentle sounds of fountains.

Sport activities — A neighboring sports complex enables visitors to participate in numerous activities : tennis, climbing, jogging, hiking, pétanque....

Aix en Provence — Town of water, city of art, in the imagination of everyone the city has been built and is always developing around this double identity. But Aix is ​​also a city that knows how to combine eras and cultures. Open to the world, it is a city with a human dimension where a preserved heritage and the city of tomorrow cohabit in perfect harmony. Here are all colors and sensations: light of the sky, golden stone facades, transparent green fountains, shade of plane trees, surprises of the nights of festivals ...

Museums in the city
Granet Museum — Fondation Vasarely — Caumont Center — Pavillon Vendôme — Château Lacoste